Airline Board Fees

Airline Board Fees

Posted by on Jan 27, 2013

Here’s a list of airline surfboard fees. This is a great guide to use when booking your trip, but be sure to check with the airlines first because policies and fees change frequently. If you have an update to this list, let us know!


Airline Price Notes
Aer Lingus 


Free Free if it’s within your checked baggage allowance on flights between Ireland and North America. No charge if you’re in Business class. Surfboards are subject to a fee of €30 ($40) each way, if paid online or a fee of €40 ($55) each way if paid at the airport. Can’t be larger than 110 in.
Aero Mexico 


$76 One-way per board, maximum length 9ft packed. Sorry guys, you can’t include this as your free carry-on. If you purchase over the phone, it’s $70.
Air Canada 


$50 Per board, one-way. Must pre-register when booking. Each board counts as one piece of checked baggage. If you exceed the checked baggage allowance you’ll have to pay extra on top of the $50. Max linear dimensions (length + width + height): 109 in. Max length: 80 in. No paddleboards.
Air Emirates 


Free Included in your checked baggage. Remove fins and wrap tail and nose in bubble wrap. Must be less than 10 feet. Items up to 13 feet may be accepted in exceptional cases. Contact them for more info.
Air France 


$55-$150 If it’s less than 42 in, it can be included in your baggage allowance. If the length is between 107 and 300 cm (23 kg max. per board), you must pay an extra fee ($55-$150) determined according to your trip. You need to call ahead for approval.
Air New Zealand 


Free One surfboard can be considered as one standard piece of baggage (they have a limited checked bag allowance though). Max of 70 lbs and 8.2′. There’s a chart online showing fees for excess baggage based on destination.
Air Pacific 


$50 Each way per surfboard bag. Must be less than 50 lbs & 115 in. Bulky items are subject to additional excess weight fees beyond each passenger’s allowance ($5-$7 per kg).
Air Tahiti Nui 


Free Must be under 50 lbs. One board, one bag. Each additional board is $150 each.


$50 – $75 5’2″ to 6’8″ is $50, 6’8″ to 9’7″ is $75.
American Airlines 


$150 One-way. One bag per person. Multiple light weight boards will be considered one item as long as the bag weighs less than 70lbs and is shorter than 126″.
Bahamas Air 


$125 One-way per board. Remove your fins.
British Airways 


Free As part of your checked baggage. Otherwise it’s $43 under 51 lbs. and $60 between 51-70 lbs. Boards must be smaller than 75in x 29.5in x 25.5 in (6’6”).
Cathay Pacific 


$100 Any board bag totaling 80 inches or more in total dimensions (l+w+h) gets charged, which means every surfboard.
China Air 


$150+ $150 per board if it’s under 9′. Over 9′ is $225.


$75 One-way per bag, 2 boards per bag/passenger. Only $50 to São Paulo and San Jose. Must be under 115 ins and 70 lbs. Remove fins. Can’t be more than 115 inches or 70 lbs.


$150 Per board. Must be under 70 lbs. or pay additional fees ($125). Surfboards over 115 linear inches will not be accepted. To/from Brazil is $100. Between Honolulu and Maui, it’s $20.

+44 843 104 5454

Varies Per item, per flight. Boards can be added while booking online, which is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Total max weight of 72 lbs.
Hawaiian Air 


$100 One-way, per bag. Allowed two boards per bag. Max height 11ft, max weight 50 lbs. Price drops to $35 between islands. Goes up to $200 for travel to most Asian countries.


$150 One way. One board per passenger. Max size: 8’2″. MUST make request 24 hours before flight via phone. Keep in mind: “Various charges, taxes or duties may be applied, in accordance with the legislation of each country.”
Interjet (Mexico) 


Free Max weight per passenger is 55 lbs domestic and 110 lbs international. Anything over that will have a fee of $50 per kg (2.2 lbs).
Japan Airlines 


$150 Price is per bag. Two boards allowed per bag. Must call in advance.
Jet Blue 


$50 One-way. One board per bag. No surfboards allowed on flights to Santo Domingo or Santiago. Can’t be over 100 lbs. Counts as your checked bag.
Korean Air 


$200 One way, per board. Must be under 70lbs and/or 109 total linear inches (L+W+H). Varies based on destination – outside the US is more.


Free Free, kind of. But it cannot exceed 300 linear cm (9’10” total linear dimensions) or 50 lbs. Excess baggage fees range completely by destination.


$100-$200 Must be less than 70 lbs and/or 6’7″. Within Europe: $100, Europe to intercontinental: $200. If it’s over 6’7″, the fees are doubled. You need to register sports baggage 24 hours before the flight.


Free Can be included as your checked bag if it’s under 9’10”. If larger, excess baggage fees range from around $110-$150.


Free Free as part of your checked baggage. Must be in a bag and may not exceed 70 lbs and 9 ft. If it’s bigger, excess fees range from $22-$150 depending on destination.


Free/$60+ As part of your 44 lb two bag limit. After that prices range from $60 to $550 depending on destination.
South African Airlines 


Free As part of your two bag limit, not exceeding 6’6” or 44 lbs. Larger boards must go as cargo.


$50 One-way per bag. Fins must be removed.
SriLankan Airlines 


Free You can bring one surfboard for free as part of your checked bags. Can’t exceed 70 lbs.


$125 One-way. Up to 3 surfboards in one bag per passenger. Up to 70lb and 12 feet in length. Fins must be removed. Prices vary based on takeoff location/destination. From Brazil it’s $50.
TAP Portugal 


$50 Each way per surfboard bag up to 10 kgs. Domestic, Europe, Morocco & Algeria is apx $50 (EUR35). Intercontinental are apx $100-$140 (EUR75-100).


$180 One board under 9′. Contact Thai directly for more specific information.


$100-$200 North America, national: $100 each way between the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and $200 each way for all other travel. Max of 50 lbs. & 109 in.
US Airways 


$200 One-way per board. Remove your fins.
Virgin Atlantic 


Free Free, limit one per customer. Must not exceed 9 feet and must not exceed 50 lbs.