Finally a hard shell surfboard case is invented! Our founder, Doug Caplan, spent most of the 1970’s and 1980’s traveling the world searching for epic waves. Between construction jobs Doug traveled to Costa Rica, Hawaii, Panama, and many other exotic locations.  There was only one problem with this perfect situation… his boards were not making it to paradise with him.  Too often Doug would arrive in an exotic location with firing waves only to find that his boards were destroyed by evil baggage handlers. Surfing on rented or borrowed boards sucked! He set out to build the world’s first hard shell surfboard case.
Starting off with modified gun cases (as in rifles, not big wave sticks) Doug built his first case in 1987.  After several renditions he decided it best to use his woodworking skills to make a wooden model of what he thought would be the perfect surfboard case. He then drove this model all over California searching for a plastics manufacturer to produce a mold and make his case. After thousands of miles on the road and several meetings Doug ended up striking a deal with a manufacturer willing to help him produce his surfcase.  Initially Doug called his company Sportscase International.

As a lifelong surfer and Californian Doug had a number of fellow surfers interested in purchasing his surfboard cases. Word spread about the effectiveness of the surfboard travel case and orders continued to come in from traveling surfers in need of an effective solution to surfboard damage by airlines. Doug began advertising in Surfer and Surfing Magazine. In focusing his efforts strictly on surfboard travel cases Doug decided to rename the company Santa Monica Surfcase (aka SMSC). After seeing success with his shortboard case Doug decided to build a hard shell longboard case. He then ventured into surfcase designs for several different types of boards.

During the 1990’s Doug continued to develop cases and created a very respectable line of surfboard travel cases. The Santa Monica Surfcase brand grew in recognition as the best possible protection for your surfboard while traveling. During this time Doug expanded his market by filling requests for surfcases to be shipped out of the US. In 1995 Doug partnered with an Australian distributor, in 1997 another in Hawaii, and in 1998 a distributor in South Africa.

Our beloved founder, father, husband, brother, and fellow surfer Doug Caplan passes away. In addition to his surfboard cases Doug built relationships with many in the surf community who miss him dearly. His legacy will live on forever. Doug, we miss you and know that if there are barrels in the afterlife you have found them.

In 2012 the Santa Monica Surfcase brand of surfboard travel cases celebrated its 25th year! After a few years without production due to Doug’s passing the brand was revived by two surfers living in Hermosa Beach, CA. They plan to further develop the company’s product line with new models. Design improvements now possible with new manufacturing techniques have also been introduced.

In February 2013 Santa Monica Surfcase launched a new website to better represent the line of surfboard travel cases. The website includes information about the history of our company and also about our current and future product introductions. The new website also features a case specification guide which is helpful in assisting surfers with finding the appropriate case for their surfboards. Traveling surfers forced to use surfboard travel bags can ditch their old gear and order a new surfcase to protect their surfboards while traveling.